There are three different levels of LARC membership: Provisional Members, Active Members and Sustaining Members.

Provisional MembersActive MembersSustaining Members
First year members who are required to complete a provisional training course which includes:Have completed provisional trainingFormer Active Members in good standing for seven or more years
An introductory meeting & a tour of various ARC Fresno facilitiesPay annual duesRequested sustaining membership
Attendance at one LARCS Board MeetingAttend monthly meetings (fourth Wednesday evening of each month, except December)Pay annual dues
Attending General Meetings, but not voting or holding an officeServe on a committee for annual Bundles Event as well as attendMay attend meetings
Pay annual duesServe on a committee for annual fashion show/luncheon as well as attendCannot vote or serve on the Executive Bd
Presence at all of these meetings and tours is requiredServe on a Standing CommitteeAre invited to, but are not required to work on or attend major fundraising activities

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a LARC, please click the APPLICATION button below and complete the form.

Please note: There is a $40 membership application fee that is due only upon review and acceptance of your application.