The Arc of Fresno and Madera Counties

When children with intellectual or developmental disabilities grow up and are no longer in school, what are their next steps? What programs are made available to them during the day to help them continue to grow and learn new skills needed to become an important part of their community?

Serving over 650 individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, The Arc of Fresno and Madera Counties adult day program was created to give these adults some of the best opportunities in life as possible. At The Arc, these adults work with a professional staff that assists them in socialization, activities of daily living, vocational skills and educational experiences. These individuals are also given many opportunities to take part in various outings that include museum and library visits, concerts and attending college classes to learn cooking skills, computer technology and arts and crafts.

The adults in this program are also given the choice to participate in paid work experience with local businesses and are placed in jobs based on their interests and skill level. These jobs include food services, government sites or facilities, personal services, retail outlets, concession sales and much more.


Larcs is proud to raise funds each year to help this outstanding organization and the great people they serve. The photos below highlight some of the individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities utilizing equipment that Larcs has helped purchase.


Break the Barriers

Located in Fresno, California, Break the Barriers is a 39,000 square foot facility offering one-of-a-kind programs to people with all types of abilities. Break the Barriers has given hope and changed the lives of those who participate in their specially designed programs that include such things as integrated sports, performing arts, aquatics, fitness programs and much more. Founders, Steve and Deby Hergenrader, began the program in 1983 with only 20 students in their own backyard. The program now has over 3,000 participating students who help shed light on the incredible abilities that all people possess. Students in the program have performed locally as well as nationally and internationally, helping to shine a light on the wonderful world of inclusion.

For many years, Larcs has supported Break the Barriers, helping to raise funds for their travels overseas and across the nation to share their many gifts and talents. Larcs has also helped raise funds for many special requests in which Break the Barriers may have needed assistance.


Special Olympics

Fresno County is proud to offer training and competitions in nine sports for Special Olympics athletes. Volunteers enjoy working with the athletes to prepare them for competitions. Fresno County offers a wide range of skill levels so that athletes can train with their peers of equal skill levels.

Starting in the spring of 2015, athletes will be required to register for the sport(s) they are interested in participating in for the upcoming season. Practice Registration Periods will take place 1-2 months prior to the start of the first practice session for a given sport. Athletes must have a current Application for Participation on file with SONC in order to register. For information about upcoming and current Practice Registration Periods for Fresno County, please click here.

Fresno County also offers the Schools Partnership Program, which is a unique education program in K-12 public schools. This program is about more than sports – it is a valuable education program that truly creates a school culture of inclusion and fosters understanding in schools and communities. Students organize campus activities to create climates of inclusion, acceptance and respect for all. See what it’s all about, visit


Lori Ann Infant Program

The Lori Ann Infant Program is an Early Start program that serves families of infants and toddlers with developmental needs right here in Fresno. These needs may include gross or fine motor difficulties, language delays, slow to reach milestones or hearing or vision impairment.

This program assists families in many ways by:

–   Providing assessments of the child’s abilities and needs in the child’s home

–   Helping families access resources within their community

–   Offering early intervention services at home for the child

Larcs has helped raise funds for this incredible program for many years now and every other year we volunteer at their annual Breakfast with Santa event where we serve breakfast to the families that are currently in the program.